When are the notifications back?


‘Accidentally’ I read Revolut where having trouble with Android apps not giving instant notifications…

I didnt hear from Revolut telling me of this anywhere else - I think that’s a shame. :frowning:

The single best thing (for me) was the instant notifications! It’s great. Not a single penny spent from my account without me knowing.

Now… nothing - has been like this for weeks I think - I cant remember when it started.

These things happen. Would be nice of Revolut to at least reach out and tell people.

  • Now it’s gone on far too long. :frowning:


That’s right. At all the other fintechs the push notifications run without any trouble. It’s a shame.


Have you upgrade the app to 4.11 version?
After this upgrade notification came back… (BTW Check if you have notification turned on)


4.11 does not solve the problem for all users; my notification (and the notifications of many of my friends) are still completely broken.

There is still no idea or date of when this is going to be fixed except for a generic “new release”


So I have no idea what can you do then. I am sorry.