WhatsApp Support


You should implement a WhatsApp number for online support in order to be easily accessible for anyone to contact immediately to you.This feature can provide and free call support for your customers around the world.Many companies have it along with their own support chat.In my opinion it will help more that Facebook Messenger.


In-app support platform itself is fine and is adequately safe. You are identified and confirmed. No need for a separate platform. Need to improve the processes and support agent availability.

After all, you don’t need to chat to Revolut support every day and it’s not the most awesome way of spending time, is it.


what about when you need to call for your matter to be solved?we are not all UK citizens an international call costs.


A call? To Revolut? What planet are you on?


grow up…there matters about blocked accounts that support needs a call.If you have read enough in the community you would understand but apparently you a revofan bot like RITA; equally useful I made say.


Having just spent an hour trying to get live support to respond (after an initial question about some security questions) I have had no response! I have had to wait about 12 hours to get any live response, then when I do, nothing for an hour?!
Come on Revolut! I can’t use my card, and can’t get support! I definitely want a phone number to call as this is impacting my trip.