Whats the point of the Invite 5 friends game?

Fairly often (in every couple weeks) users receive a non-dismissable message in the Revolut app to invite 5 friends in a week to get 12m of premium membership (or metal? doesnt matter).

I’m really wondering whats the point of this at all? The deadline is extremely short, just one week to talk to people and get them to order a card. I have absolutely no problem about mentioning Revolut while talking to my friends, but hunting 5 of them down in a week would require a very pushy marketing campaign. Most people are not up mlm type selling as this could easily damage a relationship.

Revolut should introduce a proper referal scheme like many other fintechs and banks.


I would have my metal card if they didn’t have this short time limit. Invited 8-9 people already in my own time out of a product recommendation :slight_smile:

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Today 1 long-lost friend suddenly sent me text and asked if I would want to join Revolut. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Time to send Revolut invites out to some ex girlfriends! :joy:


Yes, I did the free Metal game once, signed up a couple of people, however deadline was too short. I think that is the point. To have users effectively act as sales agents free of charge. So after that one “game”, it is over for me. I will not be doing it again. Ever. I have two jobs and study full time. I am not going to work for free for a company with this budget. It is social dumping and it is greedy.


Revo seems to enjoy making supporters work for free.
I am referring to the leaks that mentioned interviewers having to act as sale agents for free.


Yea I had a go a while ago but timescale is way way too short. Shan’t bother again.