What's the point of having a Beta Program?

I’m a Revolut Beta tester for iOS and I’m currently not quite sure if it makes sense to remain one.
Why? Let me explain:
The beta of 5.10 came five days ago, the App Store version of 5.10 came one day ago. Factoring in review times on the App Store, I’m not quite sure that anything I report for the beta will make it to the App Store version because there simply isn’t enough time to fix stuff, submit it to Apple and make it through the review process in 4 days.
So you get a flawed release.
Then, why should I bother to Beta test? It feels useless


In case of Android we do not have beta app even :rofl::joy:

Yes I agree. I’m a bit perplexed too. Added to which, some final versions are released even without first being released to beta testers at all.

well… there is always time to hold final release if something important is broken and reported by beta users. isn’t it? :wink: