What's the maximum virtual card amounts ?


Good morning ?
What’s the maximum amount of virtual cards ?

I cannot creat them anymore.

How do i reset it ?


You can hold 2 physical cards and 5 virtual ones.

if you delete one, you should then be able to add another one :slight_smile:


Yes but at the moment i have 0 virtual cards and i cannot generate anymore…how do i resolve it ?


Did you confirm your ID?


Sure i DID, it says me “Requests for new card failed”


That seems like a bug, let’s see if @AndreasK can come and tell you why you have this error.
It’s still 8:30am in the UK, so wait a bit :wink:


Did you generate more than 5 virtual card within 30days?


Yes I did, it was just for trying.

So, what are real limits and how can i resolve it now ?


You can only generate 5 virtual cards within 30days.

Free unlimited virtual card? A lie?
I have created too many virtual cards. What to do ?

Is it the same for business accounts ?

Is there any way for this month to reset the count ?


Business accounts can generate 20 virtual cards per month, and they are able to order physical card as much as they need.