What's the latest news on Bitcoin integration ?


Could anyone point me to or inform me on where Resolut is in relation to Bitcoin/Litecoin integration please…?.


The presentation this evening answered my question perfectly … what wonderful news…!!

Starting about 32 minutes in… :smile:


Nice!! Where do I sign to be on the closed beta test next week?


There’s no audio for the first few minutes …then it’s all loud and clear…the crypto section is 32 minutes in.


We are aiming to launch this feature the 1st week of December! Unfortunately beta testing sign ups are closed.:pensive:


Hi! Thanks for the feedback. In the 1st week of December, will the feature be launched to the public, or just a small group of people?


1st week of December sounds great to me
If I’d known about the beta testing earlier I’d have loved to have taken part.
Would have made me feel I was playing a small part in history being made.