What's the experience of using RevolutCard in Australia?

Some questions when planning a travel to Australia in July:

  1. It is possible to use RevolutCard in retail stores, petrol stations, …
  2. Can it be used to have cashbacks in stores and avoid ATMs?
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Hola @jalturgell :slight_smile:

Most of your questions are answered in the FAQ. You’ll of course be able to use your card in stores, and about petrol stations, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use it in unmanned petrol stations. :r: cards will be usually rejected:

  • anywhere that strictly requires 3dsecure
  • anywhere that has an offline POS (onboard a train, plane)

Keep in mind to always refuse any kind of currency conversion you’re offered: choose to be billed in the local currency.

Thank you!
I will check again the FAQ section. Any experience in cashbacks?

None unfortunately :frowning:

Hope other members of the community have them. You can also try using the search function and trying to mention people who you specifically know that have been there :wink:

WE are in Australia at the moment. Our contactless cards have worked everywhere. You can use them in shops restaurants and coffee shops. Even in bars. We took out the maximum for a month in cash when we arrived. We’ve been here over 2weeks and still haven’t used the cash. Only needed a PIN number for over $200 on the contactless.


I’m afraid cashbacks are unlikely to work. You’ll have to use local ATMs for your cash requirements. (Revolut is currently a Prepaid Card. Not a full Debit card.)

And cashbacks usually only work with Debit cards issued in the same country that the debit card is issued in. In the UK my Euro Debit Card can’t be used for cash back at the local Tesco till.

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This is probably late,
But No problems, I bought most things, Hired cars, Restaurants, No place was it not accepted Booked airfares in Indonesian rupiah.