What's the Ambassador's function?

Hey. Since I liked the Revolut service, I told my friends about Revolut. Now I found a “become an ambassador” option on @revolutapp Instagram. But which privileges does an Ambassador get? I’ve sent a form but I’m curious if I’ll even receive a response.

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Hey, I’m an Ambassador. They will surely reply to you. There’s a few perks, but nothing to die for. You will receive an e-mail telling you all about it. You can get a premium account after inviting a certain amount of people and you have the right to say you work for Revolut in your Linkedin, which can be a good thing for your CV. You can also give free cards to your friends.


That’s cool! I’ll wait then :slight_smile:

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Hi. Can I have a link for a free card? One of my friends wants to join.

I’ve told loads of friends about Revolut and quite a few of them have actually opened accounts.

How do :r: know that it was me who got them in? I never had any ambassador messages. Would be nice to be able to give people free cards when telling them about Revolut.

22 of my friends are Revolut users because I invited them and showed the the features of Revolut… but, never got any perks with that…

Personal Affiliate promo link: http://bit.ly/2HLGQJ0
Enter the phone number and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

Will this give free card delivery or is it a normal referral link?

It’s an ambassador link with a free card

Thank you!