What's happen if I lose my phone?



With my wife we are preparing a travel for 2,5 years by tandem bicycle, from Japan to France.
We are now trying to understand if the Revolut account can answer to our needs.

One question, what’s happen If someone steals my phone, or if it don’t work any more.
I have my Revolut Mastercard and it work, but how can I accede again to the app with my Revolut account if I don’t have any more this SIM card with the phone number to login?


Change phone number without access to app


If you phone gets stolen, nothing should happen as long as you PIN is secure enough :lock:

If you lose your phone but keep your SIM card (or can get a replacement quick enough), you would only need to log in again :slight_smile:

If by any chance you can’t use your phone and don’t have access to your phone number, you would have to use the in-app support chat :iphone:

Hope everything’s clear :wink:


Thanks Juliopp

If by misfortune I Iose phone and SIM card, for sure I will not be able to have quickly the replacement SIM card.
Do I need to login for accede to the in-app chat? If yes what do I need? phone number and PIN code without the SIM card?
Also, this means I have to buy quickly a new smartphone or there is a way to manage online? :thinking:

thank you so much ! :blush:


Hello, both Fred and Sveta :smile:

Sure, there’s access to the in-app support chat before being logged in, but however take into account it’s not open 24/7!

In case you lose your phone, the most probable thing is that you would need to get a new one and the support team will update it so you can log in with the new one. :recycle:

You will be most probably asked certain questions (last top up date, amount, origin or something similar…) in order to verify your identity :slight_smile:

:r:Revolut accounts cannot be managed without a smartphone for now, so you would need to have a smartphone with a valid SIM card to work with :r: :signal_strength:

Also, consider that if you have Auto Top-up enabled, it would be more difficult for you to be left without money, even if you lose your phone :sunny:

You’re most welcome


By the way, I didn’t pay attention to the trip details, that’s amazing! Hope you have fun.


Thank you very much, all your answers are clear!
Through this community can we also contact the Revolut team if needed?

Regarding the travel, we are already on the road from August 2015 :wink:, but in EU until now.


Oh, that picture is lovely :heart::smile:
Such a long trip!

Sure, you can reach the Revolut team (they have a small R in their profile picture) through this forum anytime, or Facebook, or Twitter, but the in-app support chat might be the most convenient way :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you enjoy your trip and :r: ^^