What type of card is Revolut, credit or debit?

I have a VISA and have used it without issue. I wanted a spare in case this one got lost while abroad or stolen. Revolut wouldn’t let me have another VISA so I had to get a MasterCard. I have just had that and went to use it (chip and pin) to activate the contactless. Costco rejected the card BUT they did accept the VISA. This kind of makes the MasterCard useless as a backup. My query though is what is the MasterCard classed as?

Costco accept debit card or Amex credit card. It seems they consider the VISA as debit but the MasterCard as credit, hence its rejection.

All Revolut cards are prepaid debit cards.


Some online outlets and instore card readers only accept Mastercard and some only accept Visa. I have found this especially when travelling to the Far East. It’s best if you carry both ‘brands’ of cards for resilience purposes.


Curiously, here in Colombia the POS force me to select credit card for use Revolut. If I select debit card the transaction is refused.

There is 1 shop in my country which recognises my R card as “Revolut Prepaid” (there is no mention about Mastercard/VISA/Maestro on receipt from that store).
A bit funny :crazy_face:

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in many countries “debit” only applies to local cards, and everything international falls on the “credit card” bucket


I’ didn’t know about it. Thank you for let me know.

All Revolut cards are Prepaid Debit Cards.

However in some countries, as mentioned above, they can be confusingly classed as credit cards!


I’m pretty sure, they are Prepaid Credit Cards. Is there some form of official statement about this?

By definition “credit” means that you can take money which is not yours. Are you able to do so with Revolut card? :jack_o_lantern:

In a sense, yes. :sweat_smile:

17.2. If for any reason (including, but not limited to, any technical errors on our behalf or on behalf of our third-party providers) you have a negative balance in your Revolut Electronic Money Account, you agree to immediately Top-Up the required amount to correct the negative balance, such amounts being due without the need for previous notification.

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Yes, it have been verified by Andreas multiple times.

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Yes, I just saw it. :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting on Chad West to give me an ETA on that. He’s read my messages now and I’m seriously not happy with his ignoring me despite promising me some rough timelines.

I’ll give him a week from when he last messaged me to reply though, if there’s not a reply by then I’m going to tweet it to Revolut and see what they say :thinking:

soon™ obviously, you don’t even have to ask :rofl:

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I meant about their head of marketing blanking me after making a promise.