What To Do If Your Card Has Been Lost Or Stolen? 🤔

:lock::mag: Hey Revolut Community!

What to do if your Revolut card decides to go on an unexpected adventure without you, aka gets lost or stolen? :scream_cat:

First things first, take a deep breath. We’ve got your back, and we’re here to guide you through this card calamity! :sweat_smile:

1. Take a deep breath - We know it’s a heart-stopping moment, but remember, panic won’t magically summon your card back (unless you have some secret wizard skills!).

2. Get your detective hat on - Retrace your steps like a secret agent on a mission. Check those hidden pockets, couch cushions, and the depths of your bag. Who knows? Maybe your card decided to go undercover.

3. Freeze - Open your Revolut app you can freeze/unfreeze your card instantly in the ‘Cards’ section of the Revolut app or on our website.

4. The cavalry is coming - Go to ‘Cards’ tab → select the card → tap on ‘Settings’ → ‘Replace card’. A discount will be applied to the card order. The estimated delivery date will be provided once you’ve placed the order.

Fear not! A shiny new card is on its way to you faster than a package delivered by a speedster courier. Sit back, relax, and think of it as a chance to give your wallet a fashionable makeover. :wink:

Remember, folks, losing a card is never a walk in the park, but with Revolut by your side, we’ll save the day and have you back to your financial adventures in no time! Stay calm, keep smiling, and let’s tackle those card capers together. :muscle::black_joker::sparkles:

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The freeze feature is what most cards lack of. So useful in case your wallet gets lost or stolen!


@cchardi Absolutely! We like to think of our freeze feature as the ultimate “chill” mode for your card! :ice_cube: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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The possibility to freeze and unfreeze a card in the app is an excellent feature. Don’t know how the most of german banks handle the case of card loss today, but for the past I can remember that we had a central telephone number to lock a lost or stolen card. In that case you have to know that telephone number, your bank details (Who knows his bank account number or card details from the head?) and a once frozen card can’t be unlocked again, definitely you have the costs for a new card, even if the lost card was found again later.


@Kamika242 We’ve got you covered with a simple tap, and your card’s like, “I’m back, baby!” :sunglasses::tada:

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You might be surprised. Sparkasse’s card control allows you to freeze debit and credit cards and configure online use and its use abroad. DKB’s app allows granular control over countries.

Revolut does a great job. I agree. But let’s not forget that Revolut’s card configuration features are built on the technical framework Visa and Mastercard have developed over the last 10 years. And most banks use these technical opportunities nowadays.


Misa furat telefonul si cardul

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Si vreu sa ami recuperez contul

lun., 24 iul. 2023, 16:04 Mariana Luta <lutamariana51@gmail.com> a scris:

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@Mariana12 Hello, Welcome to the :r: community. :innocent:

Please check the above post to find the solution to your problem and also this FAQ link.Hope this helps :pray:

PS: Please use English as the primary language for communication within our community.

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