What to do if you have problems logging in, a blocked account or need urgent support


Very useful! Thank you.


@AndreasK @JessicaZ My account is blocked for security reasons. Please help. It’s urgent for me.


@AndreasK , My account is also blocked. Estimate assistance time is 16h. Im currently overseas and I really need to use the card/account. Thanks in advance.


@AndreasK @JessicaZ
My account is blocked for security reason after top-up and entering 4-digit code from my statement bank (supposedly incorect) . Please help!



Please make this a sticky thread.

Thank you.


@AndreasK @jessicahod95
Hello, wondering if you can help me? I was checking the balance on my app after spending on my card, then suddenly got redirected to logging in with my phone number, and now it doesn’t work! I recently moved from UK to HK, so had to change phone number and it worked fine before. I tried the “changed phone number?” route and the security questions - it recognises that my new HK number is registered. But now I just can’t log in at all!

Please help, as I urgently need to check my balance!

Thank you in advance :pray:


Are you able to send me a DM so that I can help?:pray:


I’ve a large payment pending, have been trying to reach someone for nearly 24 hours and am getting no reply of any kind.


Have tried to type live agent ?
Have you got an info with estimated time to contact?


Looks like we have managed to get in touch and resolve the issue :slight_smile:


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Hi, I really need assistance since my account was blocked 3 days ago. I have a balance and I really need to access my money. I already provided all the documents required through the verification process but i am still blocked. Chat support are not responding to me. Can someone please help ? @AndreasK @jessicaszabla ??


Hi, same problem here…

My account is blocked for more than a week now, I have still not received any reply/justification from support. @AndreasK, can you please help me?