What to do if support is inactive?


When I contact Revolut via the chat I must remain active all the time or my inquiry will be “archived” due to “extended inactivity” (in other words, it will be ignored, and I have to start over).

What am I supposed to do if it is the support agent that is being inactive? I have wasted over an hour on the chat now, and it’s been over half an hour since the agent last typed anything. Can I switch to a less busy agent somehow?

At least with a phone call I could just disconnect and try again.


My advice: state your inquiry in a way that the agent has all necessary informations to solve your problems without getting back to you. That means to provide all information and documents one woul need to deal with a problem. I bet that would help to avoid some frustration about the less than perfect support situation. Be more productive with your justified criticism.




I’m looking for some information, but I cannot use the Support. When I try to send a message an error occures saying: An error occured. Reason: undefined. How can I reach any stuff member so I can get my answer?