What should I do if online merchant rejects my card?


I have encountered a problem paying online where the payment is rejected and the merchant says it is Revolut declining transaction, while Revolut support says it is merchant that reverts the payment

So both parties say “it’s him wrong” and I’m just standing in the middle and unable to pay for online services

What should I do in such case?


I have exactly same issue with additional details from merchant bank side, this is what they see when I’,m trying to make a payment:


Bank response DECLINED

Acquirer Response 100

Acquirer Message Do not honor


Nice, I’ve got exacly same error details from merchant. Do you know which bank is used by merchant? Could it be Swedbank LT?


Yes, it is SwedBank LT, and in my case merchant is serveriai.lt


LOL. So we are both in the same boat :smiley:
I’d really like to hear someone from Revolut regarding such dispute. Simply, this could be unfair competition from the Swedbank side forcing you to use other card and treat Revolut as not trusted payment method.


Hi guys,

We will take a closer look into it. I will contact you via a direct message.


Andreas K.


would be interesting to know what happened.


whatever happened it is still not working


It seems that Swedbank LT is blocking the payments


What does that mean for an end user? Stop using Revolut and use another card?


Unfortunately, this specific merchant does not support Revolut. We’re trying to have this sorted however, as you understand is not on us.


So this is the problem: merchant says the same, and Revolut says the same - issue is not on us


FWIW, serveriai.lt also has PayPal option and you can use it to pay using your Revolut. You don’t need to create an account, just fill in your card details and it will pay your bill. I just done that and it worked fine