What’s One Money behaviour We Need To Normalise? 💸

We have seen many people struggling financially around us. Every Time it’s not only because of low earnings, sometimes it’s because of not having a proper budget plan. Definitely, this is a serious issue which we need to address. :frowning: :face_holding_back_tears:

Therefore, we have decided that everyone will promise one money related behaviour which they are going to maintain throughout the year. :muscle:

That can be anything according to everyone’s convenience but we need to follow it religiously. Okay?

Mine will be: “Save before I spend”. :slightly_smiling_face:

What is yours? :thinking:

Veda | Community Team


You gotta be aware of things you can and you can’t afford, nobody should take loans to buy a comptuer, a phone or go on holidays, loans are for the bigger things like expensive cars and houses that you can still afford but don’t want to loose massive liquidity.

Every month you put some money into savings plans, you’ll know how much because your account shouldn’t have too much money on it (I’ll say €5-10k for contingencies) otherwise you are just loosing, so keep it balanced and move the money into savings, funds or whatever you like to let your wealth grow and, at least, to overcome inflation.


Aboslutely @Louzan_SP. I totally agree with you. We should be more vigilant whenever we are deciding to take loans. That’s a huge decision. I think we should control our credit card expenses as well. :thinking:

SG | Community Team

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