What is the maximum transfer limit?

What is the maximum possible transfer limit with verification? I am planning to buy an apartment and need a EUR denominated account to transfer my funds through for purchase. If the limit is too low then I need to look for other banking options.

Hi FlyingFlipFlop,

Did you ever manage to find out the answer to your question?
I’m in a similar situation, have spoken quite extensively to the team on the support chat, but didn’t really come to any conclusions…

Please, let me know if you have any further insights.

Should be theoretically unlimited (This is in terms of bank transfers, and not debit card spending.).


Debit card spending has a hard cap, in addition to the top-up verification limit. This is imposed by Wirecard, Revolut’s debit card issuer. Details here: https://www.revolut.com/cardholder-terms).

Bank transfers (‘Payments’/‘transfer’ option in the app.) will be limited by your top-up verification limit. If you are planning on such a large purchase, you will have to undergo additional KYC/AML checks (e.g. Providing source of funds.).

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Best confirm with @anon33247966 for this, however.

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less than 42,000 chf unfortunately.