What is the deal about the free card offer?


I can confirm! I ordered a physical card about 3 weeks ago, both the card and regular shipping were free. Card also arrived a lot faster (about 5 days) than estimated by the app.

It is a Debit card, but this was clear to me from the start.


It is great that new customers are kept being lured in with free cards, how about your early customers? Do we get a refund? do we get any reward for referrals?

Not much new has been introduced outside of crypto option, that is not even usable without physical bchain address… we only get spammed to refer others?


I agree it is unfortunate for existing customers when new ones suddenly get free stuff but that is not uncommon practice in the industry. Considering that you ordered a paid service I dont think a refund is in order, you would equally not have to pay more should the cards suddenly get more expensive.

Did Revolut advertise that? I couldnt find any information about a referral program.


Hi, card and shipping was free, for one year?
What about annual fees?


There is no annual fees


I tried to sign up on that offer and the free card is only if you get the standard base package. Which is free anyway… but you have to pay for postage, so nope. No free card.

Just an email to make you signup.


I didn’t get free shipping :frowning:


You probably ordered the card before the offer went live.


No, did it today after seeing the email.


Do you already have a virtual card? The offer is only for customers who dont have any card yet.


No I don’t have a virtual card. I signed up for it today after receiving the promotional email.


When I ordered my card, which was before the current free offer, I was given 3 choices for delivery:

  • Free standard delivery
  • Free expedited delivery (only with Premium account)
  • Paid expedited delivery for standard account

Don‘t remember the shipping fee for the last option though.


Revolut already had marketing campaigns running in some markets, I believe. So new customers were able to get free cards on occasion, often for a limited time. Also, shipping costs may vary depending on a customer’s residency, if I remember this correctly.


I cannot select the free option for the standard delivery. Please help, only the 6 EUR or 20 EUR options are shown (apart from the premium option).


Hi guys. Please allow me to clarify.

Any current or new Revolut users who haven’t previously ordered a physical card are eligible to order their first Revolut card free of charge. You can order your first physical card if you already have a virtual card.

If you feel you’ve been charged wrongly, please reach out to our in-app support and an agent will be able to refund you the delivery fee.

Find more info on our blog post: https://blog.revolut.com/how-to-order-a-free-card/