What is the deal about the free card offer?


Well, I was amazed by the suggestion that someone might reply in an hour or so. It was a chatbot (preprogrammed answers for everything).
I am amazed by their audacity. But online reviews already warned me about poor customer service.
Sending out emails without an option to reply is plain rude (or Russian?).


Hi - i also just received the email for the offer that is free till 9th March, but it isn;t clear on certain things:

  1. Are these credit or debit cards? I personally do not want to be carrying more cards, neither do i want debit cards.

  2. I accidentally went ahead and chose virtual which was instantaneous and didn’t have a confirmation message. If i actually wanted a physical card, how does one turn this around?

  3. Physical card - is this really free? As in no annual fees? And judging by a fellow Revolut user’s comment (above) it seems you get charged for delivery as well.

  4. Virtual card - there is a forum from 2017 which describes the virtual card as being ‘not too useful’. I was hoping that this could be used in conjunction with contactless payments. Is this facility available?

Thanks in advance for any replies providing more clear answers!


Well, in that case I am not too surprised about preset responses as that is still the very nature of chatbots (regardless of whatever the latest hyped AI “startup” is trying to promise :wink: ) but their live chat should be more “human”, though I got the same useless one-hour waiting response.

To be fair I wouldnt call it rude (let alone Russian, sorry but I miss a connection here) but definitely not very customer friendly, not to offer any email support - particularly when their chat support is overwhelmed anyhow, but I did address that in another thread.

Unfortunately I am still not any wiser about that offer.


I don’t think Revolut can issue credit cards. It is not a bank. It has no banking license, only an e-money license.


Why russian? Don’t live with clichée :wink:


Nobody would know any details?

[FR] Frais bancaires pour rechargement compte Revolut ??

Same problem here. I ordered my first physical card, but however I have been charged. And in the payments this appear as “Extra Card” Even if it is my first delivery order and until now I have been using just the virtual card. No answear in from the support.
Solved. I got the refund. Thank you, Adrianna!


Hey guys, it seems like this, check out more on Twitter:

If you already have a virtual card, the fee can be refunded via support chat. Mention the marketing campaign and ask for a refund.

If you do not have a virtual card and the card is the first card, you should be able to order the card for free.


Thanks Frank, but the question was not in regard to virtual cards but about physical one.


Yes, I know. I rephrase: If you already have a virtual card and your physical card would not be the 1st card: order it and ask for a refund via support. If you do not have a virtual card and the physical card would be the 1st card, then you should be able to order a completely free card directly. (At least this is how I would read the comments about this on Twitter.)


Thanks, with shipping being included in the deal too?


I hold 5 cards and pricing never been an issue. Cards are valid for 5 years so overall it costs.you about £1 per.year per card. These cards give you full.control. you can activate/deactivate real time the card itself, magnetic stripe and contact less payment (it’s safer to only have one contactless payment activated, to pay by presenting wallet, rather than taking out card)

Found useful to use virtual cards for internet payment, these are also a good backup should I lose my wallet. Also have a card for occasional phone payment/reservation confirmation: I only activate card at the time of payment, then deactivate to avoid any abuse.

Overall well worth the money


Thanks Eric, but it still does not answer the question :wink:

I am aware that I can order paid cards, the question is in regard to their free promo.


Yes, shipping should be included. Check the Twitter announcement and the comments there :wink:


Thanks, they could have made that a whole easier if they simply included the terms in the email and dont make people go on a scavenger hunt :wink:

  • Chat is the only and offial communication channel
  • If chat does not work, come on the forum
  • If the forum does not work, visit their Twitter profile
  • If Twitter does not work see rule #1 :wink:

Thanks in any case though Frank.


I would always start with Twitter.


Just had a lovely chat with one of Revolut’s supporters, who told me the promo is completely free of charge. Neither the card nor shipping is charged, assuming it is standard delivery and within the EEA. Also there should not be any charge which then requires an additional refund request (as it was pointed out on Twitter) but nothing should be charged in the first place - it still does require a top up for some reason though.


I can confirm! I ordered a physical card about 3 weeks ago, both the card and regular shipping were free. Card also arrived a lot faster (about 5 days) than estimated by the app.

It is a Debit card, but this was clear to me from the start.


It is great that new customers are kept being lured in with free cards, how about your early customers? Do we get a refund? do we get any reward for referrals?

Not much new has been introduced outside of crypto option, that is not even usable without physical bchain address… we only get spammed to refer others?


I agree it is unfortunate for existing customers when new ones suddenly get free stuff but that is not uncommon practice in the industry. Considering that you ordered a paid service I dont think a refund is in order, you would equally not have to pay more should the cards suddenly get more expensive.

Did Revolut advertise that? I couldnt find any information about a referral program.