What is the country the card issue for Business


I want to get Revolut credit card for my business.

I want to know which country will be the card issue.

I would like to use the card for Pinterest ads, they accept only cards issued by specific countries.

Did someone try to use Revolut card for Pinterest ads?
What is the country of the card issue of Revolut credit card for business?

Considering the consumer cards are UK issued I’d assume the same applies to business cards.

Do you have such card?
Can you tell me if you can use it on Pinterest ads?

A consumer card?


If you have card that Pinterest accept, I’m sure also business card will be accepted.

Can you do me a favor and check if you are able to add the Revolut credit card for Pinterest ads?

They will not charge you.

If you can pass this stage - it means that it will work

Sorry, dont have a Pinterest account.

Anyone have such experience?
Someone can say from which bank the card will be issued ? (which country)

Just had a quick chat with Revolut’s business support and they confirmed business cards are also UK issued.

try checking it on https://binlist.net/

What are the first 8 digits of your Revolut card?

Does Revolut is in the category of prepaid card?

I don’t have one :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, that’s why I don’t have one.

Well the answer is above.

Hi there. Revolut cards are indeed UK-issued. The first digits on the card (4596 5482) can tell you that on the website mentioned earlier.

We have known that for about two months :wink:

Pinterest does not accept revolut card with “The first digits on the card (4596 5480)”