What is really going on (wait list, revoking cards, ...)


Regarding the latest developments, here is some information.

It is kind of sad that we have to go to other websites to understand what is going on.

You are having troubles with Paysafe. You don’t want to send cards to new customers if they have to get a new one in a couple of weeks. That’s fine, we understand. Or at least we would, if you told us so.

Now, why on earth do you communicate so poorly? Why are you pretending “There’s a small waitlist at the moment due to high demand for our cards”, and “We’re making our way through the waitlist”, while it would seem that you are actually just waiting for the new license?

Not to mention revoking cards without notice.

Do you seriously think that this is anywhere close to what people expect in order to trust you with their money?

It’s all nice and well to have this startup spirit, where one keeps promising stuff, with this “never say no” rule. But we are talking about money, here.


My reading of the tea leaves is that the search for a new credit card issuer has become a moving target. They have certain criteria and leverage which is changing. They’ve now up against holiday season so deal making is problematic.


Here some more news



So, @AndreasK, no reaction? Just sticking with the “We’re making our way through” story, I guess? When is the last time that you have actually sent a card?


Good news, you can now open a Revolut account; the waiting list has been cleared. Simply open the Revolut App, tap ‘Sign Up Now’ and order a RevolutCard straight to your door!

You can now spend globally with the real exchange rate; transfer 23 currencies without the ridiculous fees; and instantly send or request money from friends.

Thanks for your patience; we can’t wait to have you on board.


Thanks @AndreasK, great news! But as a Swiss, I still can’t get a card… Or has this changed now?


And that’s not all. Seems they are now charging for cards…


If they start to issue cards from Lithuania, I am afraid that we won’t see Apple Pay for spending after New Year. I really hope that I am wrong!


Wait a minute, in this news https://www.soon.fr/reclamations
it says that Revolut is shutting down operations in France among other countries. Could you please clarify the situation @AndreasK? I just got an account set up and plan to top up in order to order my card? Should I be doing it now or should I close my Revolut account instead?


Hey guys we definitely are not shutting down in France, don’t worry!

Basically, until we complete moving our license we can’t currently sign up non EEA users. e.g. Switzerland is not part of the EEA so we can’t sign up users based in Switzerland. We are working on this right now though!


Thanks @edward for your response. OK now I’m reassured :smile:


But as @AndreasK said, we’ve cleared our waiting list, so as long as you are a resident in an EEA country, you can sign up with no problems :slight_smile:


May I ask Team Revolut - when the process of moving your card issuer’s licence is complete, will you be able to offer Revolut globally again (including reinstating services to those who had it revoked recently)? Or will it be only for residents of European countries, or other geographic limitation? I accept that it’s not currently appropriate to make any definite promises, of course, but just to get some idea… Thanks.


Would be nice if this question would get answered from the Revolut Team, @Kunga!
I’m sure many people (including myself) would be thankful of some more information about this matter!


@helferlein Hey Kunga, it is very much our intention to offer Revolut globally and we’ve been making some great progress towards this.

At the moment it is hard to give a concrete answer yes/no, but as soon as we’ve got more information i’ll update the forum.

Happy New Year!


Morning Grace,

I live in the Channel Islands and my card is currently blocked as we are not part of the EEA.

My problem is that we are going away early next month.

Will this issue be resolved by then or should I make alternative arrangements?


My suggestion would be to make alternate arrangements as my guess is it won’t be a quick turnaround/solution. At least that way you’ll have a back-up plan to hand