What is holding back Revolut?


A year ago Revolut claimed that they will be entering US CA AU NZ and some time ago they promised no fee stock trading.

Over the year I’ve personally made a lot of recommendations for the product while traveling, but at this point, I think they are not getting shit done.

Naming feature ideas and not executing them is worthless.

  1. Pick a new color for the card
  2. Post some memes
  3. Pick a minority that is underrepresented in fin-tech and help them (I recommend Inuit)
  4. Add BananaRepublicCoin
  5. Instead of stock trading announce Venezuelan government bonds are coming soon (probably Q2 2022)

Is the founder still running the company?



Revolut has a totally different definition for soon

See airport lounges.



Or Apple Pay “SOON”:
“coming really soon now. We’re talking months rather than years. Couple of months, maybe sooner. I don’t want to over-promise but it’s coming very soon”
that was said on 10th April 2017




Not sure what is the right thing to do.
If I’ve recommended a product to people should I announce my concerns that the company is making false promises?

Elizabeth Holmes: “Revolut is one of the best companies out there. Believe me.”



and don’t forget the CH-IBAN (or a way to top-up the revolut-account via a CH-account)… “soon” and “around the corner”…

they realy should start fulfilling their promisses…



I don’t think people understand the complexity and capital investment cost associated with adding new features. Moving too fast without the internal infrastructure in place can bring a company down.

Patience, it’s not a case of waving a magic wand. Revolut are doing/have done a sterling job so far.

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I for one would rather see them able to adequately support the business they have than push for yet more features.



Banking license its on the top of the list for me
Debit cards
Airport lounges
Overdrafts to all regions

More reliability,
no more threads like ‘‘revolut holds 2.452’’ or ‘‘I cant see 4.623, where is my money?’’
no more 3rt parties collaborations. Middleman abolishes transparency.




well the issue people have with revolut:
just look at WHAT KIND of products they introduce (kinda fast, too), and what promissed service-improvements need “patience”.

I understand why they jumped the blockchain-train - it’s a tempting thing causing other financial institutes bailing out as fast as they can because of several reasons (most: moneylaundry)

But injurance, lounge-services, apparently concierce for metal-cards aso…

While they still have severe issues with simple customer-service, payment-procedures AND topup-issues.

Essentially, revolut is moving too fast without the internal infrastructure in place, what will bring this company down eventually as clients lose their trust in revolut.

And they promisse WAY too much without even attempt to fulfill the promises…

Hence I see it as @TonyP does: revolut shouldn’t push for more features, but get the existing ones going.

They’re going down otherwhise. And they need to react NOW, not later or “soon”.



I’d second that.


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Maybe this is of interesting: https://twitter.com/RevolutApp/status/1037464730980429824?s=19



Yeehaw, more users :wink:



Indeed that is puzzling me at the moment: since Metal started the system seems to be slower. I’d expect companies to scale properly. It doesn’t affect my daily routine much but I notice that push after puchases takes some time now. :man_shrugging:t3:



lets hope they also scale their support team :roll_eyes:

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I have the same issue with N26. So maybe it’s not a :r: issue? Before: instantly Now: sometimes several minutes.



I paid with my :r: MasterCard more than two hours ago and this payment still does not show up in the app. So obviously a different problem. Update: I just received the notification that I have paid 29 minutes ago… which happened actually 15 hours ago. :slight_smile: Why does the notification appear 1/2 hour later? Update 2: Note says “Delayed transaction from 6 Sep”. No idea why it was delayed.

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I’m pretty sure what’s holding back Revolut. The reason why in the past several years companies like Revolut are popping up like mushrooms is that for most of the things they use third-party companies (mobile apps, payment processors, transfers, etc) and practically almost all the things are not their development (they just have office to coordinate this and chat center). So implementing new features or sometimes the basic and smallest thing depends heavily not on them :slight_smile: which in time will make the things worse as they grow, and simethimes cause a massive delays which even they did not forcasted :slight_smile:

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Yeah. When I first got my card the notifications came up faster than the till could tell me it was approved. Now it takes anywhere between a second and a few minutes.



Very well put, It’s so frustrating.