What is happening with Ebay and currency convertion EUR to EUR ?

I’ve bought an item on ebay and received invoice for 149 EUR + 22 EUR posting. However on my revolut card I was charged 180 EUR.

I have contacted ebay support and they told me that since I’ve purchased item from Germany, and the purchase was made from UK (I am actually in LT), currency exchange fees were applied.
That would sound logical if I did not have my balance on revolut in EUR already, so I guess they did convert it to GBP and back to EUR? Is there anything that could be done on revolut side of things to avoid this robbery ?

Did you pay with paypal or Revolut debit card?

I did not have Paypal account at the time, so I’ve paid with Revolut debit card, I have only created paypal account now to be able to contact their support by email.

It happened again, and this is what paypal is saying:
“I have reviewed the information you have submitted carefully, along with the activity on your PayPal account and, I can see that when you were using your card in our system your card issuer informed us that your card is in GBP currency, that’s why your transaction was converted from GBP to Euro.”

Is this a problem on revolut side?

Problem or feature?

It seems the revolut card identifies as GBP, you will probably have to change the exchange setting in paypal every time, the are not totally honest when it comes to conversions…

Our revolut cards probably have to identify as GBP since revolut is based in England?

Really? I thought the whole point of being able to hold funds in different currencies is exactly so we can get charged without aditional conversion?

Absolutely but i guess all cards has to have a “base” currency? I have another card issued in england that claims to be EUR (Has EUR printed on it even) but when i try to top up revolut with it it says it’s GBP, do you still want to continue toping up in EUR?

Paypal are infamous for their trickery with exchange rates, it used to be that you could set and forget what you want in your account but since a few years back now you have to click on the amount during every single transaction and actively choose not to use paypals inferior exchange rates.

Personally i avoid ebay just because of this. Doesnt help that ebay owns paypal aswell i think?

I don’t use ebay nor paypal persoanlly, this issue is happening on my relatives account, but if that is how it works by default why am I first to post this, seems like huge “scam”, surelly someone would have thout it is worth mentioning?

On 570€ purchase 30€ were lost due to this conversion.

It’s a well known fact, quite irritating but what can be done about it? Paypal probably makes a fourtune from it.

The reason it’s not discussed here is probably most users already have another card connected to their paypal account and revolut it more used for travel? Thats my guess at least.

By scam I meant not the “paypal draconic fees” fact, but “being charged £ when purchasing in €” fact. Surely someone used their € revolut balance to buy stuff on ebay?
Would be nice to get confirmation from someone else if this is really working as per paypal/ebay “design” and is not a problem with this one revolut account.

Same problem here. Buying something on ebay, seller selling in dollars, chose card payment, not paypal, they converted from pounds to dollars, and ripped me off.

I have no issues when buying on aliexpress, but would be GREAT if revolut makes a pure dollar option for ebay, or answer in this thread just to confirm this problem so users do not lose their time on ebay with this issue.