What is considered a "domestic transfer"

Today I have received a newsletter from Revolut mentioning quite major changes in the transfer / exchange fees.

The mail mentions that “domestic transfers” remain free, but what is exactly a domestic transfer in this context?

Have a look through this thread which gives further information about the changes.
If I understand it correctly, a domestic transfer would be say Sterling to Sterling or Euro to Euro ie a transfer in the same currency.

… and in the same country - at least that’s how I understand it.

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Yes, with SEPA being basically one big ”country.“

How might that work with :r: in sterling with a Euro wallet? If you have Euros on your :r: wallet, are you saying that transfers to your (say) French bank where you live would not be considered “in the same country”?
I don’t see it that way. If you want to transfer, say £ or € to a $ account in the US, I would regard that as not being in the same country and thus not a “domestic” transfer…

I don’t know. If you want to know you need to chat with the customer service.

chance would be a fine thing :rofl: :smiley:


It‘s like this:

„Domestic“ means GPB to another UK Bank in GBP for example.

SEPA EUR transfers are always considered domestic transfers (in terms of fees) even when cross boarder. That’s the law.

Ah! but will that still be the case post Brexit?

Wait a second, I’ll ask my crystal ball real quick.

So if I have two accounts in Revolut, one in EUR (primary) and another one in GBP and I transfer money from my GBP Revolut account to another account in the UK, is that considered domestic?

I think it should but being my primary account a EUR account not sure they will consider a transfer outside of the EEA.

From what’s written in the T&Cs, my assumption is that “domestic“ refers to one’s base currency here.

I still have doubts. Cause normally I exchange it first from EUR to GBP within Revolut and then transfer from the GBP account to UK account which arrives in seconds as it goes through Faster Payments.

Transfers are not made from my EUR account to the UK account directly… let’s see if someone from the :r: team clarifies.


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When you want an official answer, it’s best to contact support. They rarely comment on topics here.

This is the official wording from the T&Cs:

Local payments in your base currency: Free

Cross-border payments within the SEPA region in EUR and SEK: Free

This means payments in euros or Swedish krona to non-Revolut accounts that are outside your country but inside the Single Euro Payments Area region

I don’t think there’s ambiguity, but it wouldn’t be the first time that T&Cs are not worded 100% reliable. It seems odd that they mention SEK for UK customers, but who knows.

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Sure. I am all for it. :slight_smile:

Please forgive me if I am being stupid: does this mean that the limit for moving my holiday money from sterling to euro will be curtailed. Unless I pay for the privilege?

You call it a privilege, Revolut calls it a service.

(I am not sure if I understand your question. You can still move around more than 1.000. Just not for free anymore.)

In response to Frank’s reply:

(I am not sure if I understand your question. You can still move around more than 1.000. Just not for free anymore.)

I really do need to apologise for being ignorant but:

I really don’t understand the reference to “1.000.”

Would it now cost me a fee to turn my holiday spending money from £ to €?

If I still can make the transfer, what is the limit under the new t&c, without payment of a premium for the service (Clearly my use of the term privilege isn’t acceptable, even though my money is in the Revolut system)

It depends on how much you’re exchanging per 30 days. The free limit will be reduced to 1000 pounds (might vary depending your base currency). When you’re exchanging more than that, you pay a fee for what’s above the limit.