What information is on a credit card?


What information does an ATM know about me when I insert my card into it?
I know it knows my credit card number, expiry date and a special number but does it know my name and address?
I know I can still be tracked with a credit card number but that’s not the point, I am not trying to be untrackable.



You’re talking about a debit card (specifically linked to ONE account), a credit card or a prepaid card (like revolut)



Well, a prepaid card and debit card, debit card I guess has the bank information with it while a prepaid card doesn’t.



And address.

I’m unsure if revolut provides the real address of the client… for instance there were situations when my payment was declined providing my address but it worked using Revolut’s HQ zip code.

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I was buying something recently from Curry‘s in the UK online and Revolut declined two attempts until I provided my correct home zip code.

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