What happens with unsupported country

How’s that going to matter, theoretically, you’re either being charged 1% for GBP/BBD or USD/BBD, no? You would have to not pay anything in BBD on weekends if you want to avoid this fee.

Let me emphasize that I said I would be curious to see how two transactions for both scenarios would play out on Revolut’s platform. Since I am not that selfish that I want other users to pay for my curiosity, I deliberately wrote that this is no recommendation for exchanging beforehand.

(I do assume that users are aware of the weekend markup and would avoid it when deciding to exchange beforehand. If you’re referring to this situation, apologies for the misunderstanding.)

I’m sure you will remember your excellent answer in another topic when someone asked why they had incurred the weekend rate at 23:nn hrs on a Friday unexpectedly. So yes, that is what I am referring to. Also the fact that paying in USD when it might be converted to BBD at an inconvenient moment either rate wise and/or time wise.
I don’t think we disagree in principle - all three of us seem to be in one accord.
I’m sure this discussion will help others in this respect.

Thank you Frank, I am aware of the small difference between USD and BBD, which may well be the slight difference.


I was confused by how you quoted me in this context. Because exchanging in USD would indeed be an option to lock in a GBP/BBD rate. With all caveats that come with doing this, just like with any other currency one can hold with Revolut. There should be no uncertainty about the rate with the “forward conversion”. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Google and other sources do show the rate with more decimals, if you want to get to the bottom of this: https://www.google.com/finance/quote/GBP-USD