What happens with unsupported country


When we travel to an unsupported country what happened? Can we use the Revolut card or not at all?
If yes how the rate is applied?


I think we have to ask a question to answer this question properly.

Do you mean a currency that is completely unsupported? Or are you talking about a currency that you can’t hold a balance in?

Assuming the former, I’m pretty sure the card will just not work entirely. Whether that’s in the form of a decline or that’s in the form of anything else, I imagine it’ll just decline.

Assuming the latter, you will be able to spend perfectly fine as long as you have enough balance either in an currency to cover the purchase.

As for the rates, these can differ depending on what time you do the transaction, and what currency the transaction is. I’d urge you to read https://www.revolut.com/fee-schedule as this has a proper breakdown by Revolut themselves and will be kept updated.

As for currencies you can’t make a transaction in at all: ZWD, CKD, KID, PND, TVD, AMD, FOK, ERN, BTN, EHP, CUC, SHP, GGP, JEP, IMP, SDG, SYP, IRR, PRB, SOS, KPW.

This is the current list, Revolut keep an updated list at: https://www.revolut.com/help/exploring-revolut/spending/what-currencies-are-supported-for-spending

Note: I’m relatively sure the ZWD tanked and underwent hyperinflation so it’s no longer used by any country, including Zimbabwe. They now use USD.


Perhaps it’s simpler to tell you which currency…
I am going to Mauritania which has ‎MRU currency (called Ouguiya)


MRU specifically would be interbank bid rate during the weekdays, interbank bid rate + 1% markup on the weekends.


Thanks for help Recchan.
Can you elaborate a little more? I don’t understand what means “interbank bid rate” comparing with the normal rate that Revolut usually offers.


The interbank bid rate is the rate they offer as usual, just in more specific terms as some people on the forums have been confused in the wordings that other services use, resulting in them posting about getting the wrong rate.

The interbank bid rate is essentially the rate that their partner that does all the actual currency purchasing, is offering to pay for the currency.


@KIMW does this answer any questions you have had? If there’s anything that needs clarifying hit me up with a mention, if you feel as if you got the answer, it may be worth marking a post as a solution for others in the future.


Yes thank you very much.


I’ve been shopping in Serbia the last few days with contactless. No problems and zero fees charged. Hope this helps.