What happens if wrong Bic is used?



I topped-up 1000 euros from a French account to my Revolut account on 14 February 2018.

Alas, French bank was wrong with Bic code. It used REVOGB2LXXX instead of REVOGB21. So I can not receive my money, told me technical assistance of Revolut.

My French bank asks me for a Revolut certificate indicating that transfer was not credited. Revolut asks me for an attestation from my French bank to draw up this certificate. It’s a vicious circle. Time goes by.

Hence my question… How long will I have to wait for my money to come back to my French account?

Thanks. :slight_smile:



About 3-5 days if you’re lucky.



Please be aware that REVOGB2L is non-sepa BIC and if you send the funds using this BIC the transfer will bounce back to your bank with potential swift fees applied.

You should ask your bank to recall the funds if they haven’t bounced back within at least 5 working days.


Thanks for your help, Jessica.

I know REVOGB2L is a non-sepa BIC. This is the problem. The mistake comes from my bank itself : it just asked me Iban, not Bic and its tables are not up to date.

I will wait five working days.



Since my last and old post, my money has not returned to my French account. :worried:

So, is there a way for Revolut to track the transaction?