What happens if I send EUR to my GBP account?


I have an EUR currency account in a UK bank. What happens if I send the EUR to my Revoult GBP account, by using the sort code and account number? Will Revoult automatically book to my EUR account?

Of course, I can try to send the EUR to Revoult SEPA EUR account. But the local UK bank will charge me 6 EURO for the transaction fee.


any bank charging to do a SEPA transfer deserves to be boycotted.

switch to monese.com, they’ll give you free GBP and EUR accounts. starlingbank.com is also cooking EUR accounts.

if you send EUR from the UK to a local GBP UK account your bank will turn the EUR to GBP, at a very disfavorable rate, before transferring and :r: will receive GBP.

Hi there. If you transfer EUR to your GBP local details, this transfer will bounce back.

Topping up in EUR: Use your personalised IBAN and send the funds as a SEPA payment with REVOGB21 as BIC and not via SWIFT if you transfer from a European bank account. Please use the SWIFT details with your unique reference number when you transfer from outside the Single Euro Payments Area. Any SWIFT transfer to your local Revolut account will be rejected and returned with applicable fees applied.

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