What do you want when you receive your card?


We’re thinking of adding something extra when you get your card in the post. We’ve thought of a few ideas ourselves but we thought we should ask you, our community!

So what would you have like to see, have or hold when you received your card? ?

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Not that I think I would especially have wanted it but… A small faq-booklet would probably ease the pressure on support quite a bit.


Nobody reads the FAQ’S in here so why would a booklet be any different :sunglasses:


Well, exactly my point! A physical booklet with the card would have a bigger chanse of getting looked at.


A good thing would be an “emergency-card” - not as in “a 2nd card”, but a little info-sheet with

  • all important things to remember/know for “lost cards”-scenarios
  • phone-numbers (national/international format) and adresses for reporting card-fraud/or lost cards
  • “good to know”/“first start”-infos, like “use your card with chip/pin first, before you go contactless”, “you can freeze your card when not using it” aso

…such a emergency-card would have the advantage, that you could store it somewhere safe, write the phone-number/contact-details somewhere before travelling (eg. leave it in the suitcase for easy access aso).

It also could be printed on the sleeve the card comes with! So no more material or SKU-Items, only “a slightly different artwork”…


  • those infos are REALY important, if the card gets stolen, mostly the cellphone disappears, too - and where to get those infos without “normal access to the account”
  • as @Swede says: a physical booklet/info/card has a bigger chance of being read…

In other news: it’s not so much about “what do you get when receiving the card”, more like “what is there in for using the card”, eg: bonus-program. “Mixed functionality” (eg. Mastercard Debit/Prepaid/Credit combined with Vpay (not Maestro), Bonus-Programs, Cooperations ** aso)

** eg. a cooperation with “Global Blue” Tax-Free-Programs, as Revolut is aimed primarily to frequent travellers

if you want to put in some additional “goodies” - think of a cryptalloy-sleeve for the card - artwork to be choosen (as in “customisable”) - as too many customers are not aware how easy it is, to read/clone a contactless-card…


Given the limited number of responses are there others like me who do not really understand what :r: are getting at? A £/€/$5 note would be good :wink:


I don’t think a booklet is a good idea, nobody will read it.

I’d prefer a leaflet, not sure if that’s the right term, but something like 1 or 2 pages maximum, with essential information:

  • what to do to enable your card (use chip & pin in atm/store)
  • security features that can be enabled/disabled in the app
  • what to do if your card is stolen (lock card in app + phone numbers etc)
  • payment limits (200/400 per month for free, 2% after that)

Also the thing to protect your contactless card against “wireless” thieves is a very good idea.


A picture with the team :joy:

Chocolate euro coins :joy:


AppStore games redeem vouchers :smiley: that would be AWESOME :laughing: (the only problem is how Apple deals with those vouchers, they’re valid only for a specific country)


Would anyone like Revolut stickers??


I would ! Added a Like on your message :pray:

Would add it on the back of my laptop with other stickers!



would there be a purpose to the stickers except “avertising revolut”?
(eg. like a customized qr-code, with a “incentive for the sticker-holder” when another one uses that qr-code and opens an account?)

if yes - better think of a cryptalloy-sleeve with the same information printed on.
…“a little protection for a cardholder, yet enough promoting the products when showing around”…


You know what would be awesome? If we could just tap to activate newly received card using the phone’s NFC. I believe Monzo has this function.

Other than that, I see no problem in receiving a beginner’s guide and stickers. I’d def read anything that came with the card.


Oh in this case I’m ok with my delayed card if you send the stickers too :joy:


Your ideas are very good @the-mike !

I’m thinking emergency-card in creditcard size (punch out), that way it would have a bigger chanse of actually coming along with the card and get used.

Myself i like minimalist front pocket wallets and my go to is ususally a https://secrid.com/en since they have natural protection against rfid theft… Ok ok maybe i like the cards fanning out aswell :rofl: In such wallets only a CC-sized card would be ok i think, anything bigger i would leave behind.

@neil the Revolut stickers sounds like a simple and very good way to promote!


Not sure about a creditcard-sized emergency-card, my main-bank gave them out a few years ago; their experience (acc. my customer-representative) was bad: people tended to put these cards in the same briefcase where they stored their creditcards… …and when the briefbase was stolen, so were the emergency-numbers (so no use for that card-format :wink:


We are clearly thinking about different things - i’m thinking a card with answers to questions like “how do i change my pin”. Emergency numbers would be better printed in the fancy packaging the cards come in.

A cc sized card can come along, anything bigger will be left behind :wink:


I’d just advertise Revolut because I already recommend it everyone so why-not!


Why not to offer some :r: Phone protectors for a small price (or free if you have the Phone insurance). A very thin skin protector with the :r: logo and a good colour(maybe the blue purple tone like the basic cards) and everywhere you use your phone a lot of people will see Revolut and many will search about it and there you have new customers :smile:


The leaflet is a terrific idea :smiley:
I’d love a leaflet which can be folded in half to be the exact same size as the card (so people with doubts will carry it around).

Stickers are also good. Even mini-stickers (size of a thumb, only the :r:, that you can put on a corner of your phone, or anywhere else).

Also, this one is expensive, I know, but it could be used maybe for the premium cards? Anyway, here it goes: plantable envelopes.


Not anything extra as such, but a choice of colours for the card would be nice. I’ve got about half a dozen plastic bank & credit cards in my wallet –and every damned one of them is blue.

I hate blue!