What do I need to do- all is blocked - simply want my money back

Team, I transferred £650 to the account and this was locked straight away. Trying to reach your customer service but it’s crazy they do not respond whatsoever. Can someone be nice and help !? Just trying to get my money back, nothing else !

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Did you actually make it past the chatbot by typing “live agent”?

Yes ! They said 1 hour wait but no one ever pick it up. Guys to be honest, few times in my life I have seen such a bad customer service, and when the product in question is money this is very very annoying and unacceptable.

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Do you think we lost the money? They do fraud here?

No you didnt lose your money and they dont do fraud here - dont worry.
Help may be painfully slow to respond but it will get sorted in the end I’m sure.

All sorted.
I hope they get more responsive in helping customer. Otherwise all good


Imndiaperate. I lost my job and the house herr in germany i have no money to eat and i have 2000 euros bloked

I dont have tine. I have no house no money and i have to go back to my country… nithing to eat