What customer support?


Day 5 of waiting for a response from Revolut online support.
“An agent will be with you shortly” it says.

Will - modal verb: expressing inevitable events.
Shortly - adverb: in a short time; soon.

“An agent might be with you eventually” seems more accurate.

My card has been compromised, I am £250 out of pocket and I am getting mightily p****** off.


I’am wondering why there is no any automatic form for all the similar cases?

No, need to contact, you spot a theft just simply fill the form and wait for a refund from visa or MasterCard if they accept your request.


Have you frozen the card in the app?


Yes, of course. Thankfully I did this the moment the first fraudulent transaction came through, as over the next 30 minutes there were numerous attempts at others.


Suggest you raise a FORMAL COMPLAINT on their web chat site. You will get a response, eventually.


I’m really worried, not sure what is going on when they take so long to reply… is it purely because they are short-staffed?


You could try contact via Twitter or Facebook.
Alternatively @AndreasK can often sort stuff out.
I think Rev is overall great but support is THE area where people do feel let down.


They have expanded too quickly with customer service suffering as a result.
Apologies and platitudes do not pay bills.


At least “apologies and platitudes” would involve some kind of communication! It is the endless silence that leave people questioning what is going on.


To be open and honest with everyone I even went on Linkedin to message one of their staff, VP of Operations, they had even shared their email address on their page so I emailed that too. Unfortunately even after a few days there has been no response - this gets me worried


So 5 and a half days later I have finally got someone on chat. It took them approximately 20 seconds to send me a link to the fraud reporting form. After all the waiting I felt I deserved a bit more attention!
Anyway, I now have to wait for the fraud report to be processed and for the refund to arrive so I guess I’ll be waiting a few weeks longer yet.


Was it a unique link or something you could share?


someone should start making a list of all these typeform.com links.

I know the one for complaints, https://revolut.typeform.com/to/vFkGlk


Bookmark set. :grin:
Thanks, @alejandro.mery.


It was a unique link I’m afraid, although it looked like it went through to a generic form.


“Better than your bank” – my old-school bank answers the phone though.

But yeah, just try to contact them in alternative methods, but don’t have high hopes. They will get back to you eventually.


Joining the thread … day 2 of waiting to hear back re top up. The money is going to get paid into my Revolut as it’s a refund but will take me over my limit … do they reject it or not allow access to it?

It’s a bit shambolic to say the least … such a pity when the core product is so good :cry:


My last post on this thread.
I have received a full refund for the fraudulent transaction on my card, less than 24 hrs after I submitted my claim. I was expecting to be waiting weeks, so well done Revolut for that. I just wish that the whole experience hadn’t been tainted by the 5 day delay to get through to their customer services team.
Good luck to everyone else out there waiting.