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Have you gone through the community and found that your topic is just not there? Here is the place where you can raise all those topics. Admins will then take this as feedback and work on improving your community experience.

I do think that a subforum dedicated to invesment and stocks would be kinda interesting… I see a lot of the comunity that is active or getting acquinted with the stocks market and would be kind of a sandbox to preserve all the others who are not interested!


I need to see all the time the medium cost of my acquisition (currencies, crypto, stocks …) to see if I am on profit or loss. Can you implement this kind of feature?


Another thing could be to have specifically subforum for each country in which to speak the “native language” of the nation… Each country has a different audience and different and unique situations that could be better tackled by an audience that is closer to the problem (for example ATM in each country and relative problems, legal and tax issues related to crypto or stocks exchanges).
As a side benefit there could be also the chance to build a stronger and more connected community in each country.


@dogmatix I agree that would be a useful addition. You can still see you average cost (i am trading stocks only though, not sure about other options), in the app you can see your current stock value and how much it went up or down %wise. To find your average cost per share, multiply the curent value by the % and divide by total number of shares owned. i.e. if you have shares of a stock which you bought at different time intervals/prices and it shows that overall it went up 12%, to find the average cost do: (X * 1.12)/n , where X is current valuation of the stock owned and n is the number of shares of that stock.

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I would be happy to be able to set the basic currency myself. Just like many people like me, I opened Revolut account because I’m traveling a lot a literally I rarely spend time in my home country. That’s being said 95% of my expenses are in foreign currencies. So I would prefer to see my expenses in the currency I use most. Thanks.

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Stocks (Stock Market / Investing / Trading)

At the moment, the forum only lets users comment on existing threads, but there seems to be no option to create new threads.

I suggest that this feature be added because I don’t want to hijack someone else’s thread with my posts.

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You have to use the forum for a time a show good behaviour, then the option to open a new post will be there. Don’t know why this is not explained automatically after one signs up here. Many people have been asking the same thing. Just be patient for a few weeks while answering other posts.

Can you disclose the exact requirements I have to meet for creating new topics?

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I don’t even know them! I just have been active in the community and after a few weeks of signing up, it appeared a big blue button prompting to create a new topic… But I’ve been wondering the same until it happened.
Of course, it would be common sense to read how this works when you sign up, also so new people stop asking in every thread how do they post a new topic…

“Crypto” would make much sense, an amazing topic these days.

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Revolut should provide a digital wallet for your crypto and not have it controlled by the 3rd party. In much the same vain it should allow you to transfer the various altcoins into and out of different crypto accounts. They should also consider offering alternative crypto currencies.


Hey @LeSamurai :wave:

Please do head on over to the FAQ page on the community: FAQ - Revolut Community

The first topic “Trust level for users” has a link which explains in depth the way in which the trust level system works here, on the community.

We hope this provides you with the needed clarity :pray:

For Business Ac’s
I would like to discuss how transaction charges are applied. Having the charges added to the indivudal transacion isn’t great when the bank account is connected to the bank feed of accounting software. it creates so much extra work, when the idea of a bank feed is to reduce manual data entry. The transactions don’t match as they are out by 20p so each one needs adjusting. having the choice of monthly charges applied would be the simple solution.

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I would like to be able to create daily tasks for the children that I can tick off and the money will be transferred for them without the tasks for the next day disappearing and I having to re-enter them.

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Don’t know if this counts as a topic, but something where people can discuss Revolut to allow cash deposits would be nice.

I strongly agree! It would be great if it was a possibility to pay with cryptocurrency as well.

I would like to see a means to reach the “marketing team” with ideas on sponsorship for schools. And I’d like to know how people are supposed to interact with Revolut in general, as this feels like “hit or miss”.

Hi @klusek – about the trust levels, it would be really helpful if the FAQs could be updated so that they correctly describe the trust levels in place for this community. As they stand, they are the standard Discourse FAQs, which reflect a more relaxed set of restrictions than what Revolut has chosen to put in place for this community. This makes it a bit confusing for members who go there for clarification, when their experience does not match what it says in the FAQs.