What can you do on Revolut for Business?

What are ALL the functions that Revolut for Business offers? Sending and retrieving cashto friends and banks? Or is there much it can offer?

Revolut Premium a better option if you’re looking for a personal account, as Revolut for Business is geared towards small businesses and large enterprises.

In summary:
-Currency accounts (Revolut currently has support for 26 currencies.), with currency exchange rate at the interbanking exchange rate.
-Instant settlements.
-International payments (Combined with the interbanking FX rates, means low fees.).
-Debit cards linked to the Revolut for Business account (Able to spend in the base currency, and for other currencies at the interbanking FX exchange rate.).
-Exportable expense reports, for accounting purposes.
-Open API.

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@capital you nailed it basically - thanks!

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