What? Again?


How many times are Revolut going to take my money then tell me to get the code from the shop so they can cancel and refund me.

This happened yesterday. I went to make a purchase and my card was coming back “Authorisation timed out” on their card machine. About 30 minutes later my balance on my card dropped. It said that the payment was pending.

The shop did not have any authorisation code because the payment had not gone through.

I contacted support and got a message saying there was a six hour wait.

After waiting for hours I got a reply saying that the money will be transferred back to my account after 7 days if the shop doesn’t cancel the payment. How can they? It didn’t go through.
Honestly, this company need to think about their customer service before throwing cards out to people.

I have signed up with another company now and will get rid of this useless piece of plastic. This has happened to many times now. All I want is my money back then i will throw this card in the trash where it belongs. Rant Over.