What about some holidays? 😆

Hi everyone :wave:,

Are you planning to travel soon? Did you know that having a :r: account can make your trip even easier and more enjoyable? :relieved:

With Revolut, you can exchange currencies at the real exchange rate, so you don’t have to worry about paying high fees for currency exchange. Plus, you can withdraw money from ATMs around the world without any extra fees (up to a certain amount per month). :atm:

But that’s not all - with Revolut, you can also use your card for purchases in any currency, with no extra fees. That means you can shop and dine without worrying about currency conversion fees :drooling_face: :shopping:

And, with the Revolut app, you can easily track your spending, set budgets for your trip, and even freeze your card if it gets lost or stolen. Plus, if you need a few extra tips our Community members are the best with those :wink:

So, whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a long-term travel adventure, having a Revolut account can make your trip smoother, more convenient, and more cost-effective :moneybag:


Don’t forget the % markup at weekends :neutral_face: I forgot about this when I purchased something in USD last weekend :sweat_smile:


Ohh god @Carl_1460, that’s too bad. :woman_facepalming:

I am sharing the FAQ link here so that other users don’t do the same mistake. :smile:

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It’s no biggy, it was 20p but was confused at first why :sweat_smile:


… and don’t forget time zones. „Weekend“ might mean something else on the other side of the planet. Relevant is always New York time.


Absolutely @Frank. That’s the reason, I have shared the FAQ link where the timezone is clearly mentioned for better understanding. :smiley:

SG | Community Team

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I tried Revolut as a “travel buddy” in 2019 in Europe :grin:
It was okay, no issues.

But not using it for travelling as Revolut is my mainly investment account :bar_chart:

That’s why I’m hoping that Ultra plan will be helpful not only for travellers, but also for investors (mainly crypto :sunglasses:)

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I am planning on travelling soon, thx for asking😂. First time since 2019 (damn you Covid 19) and off to Las Vegas in June.

I am a 62 year old Metal subscriber and I like the simplicity of Revolut currency exchange and that it can be exchanged back if I return with money. However, it always annoys me when I see fintech companies boasting about fee free ATM withdrawals worldwide when the reality, from what I read, it is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Although a Metal subscriber (only cost £70 for the year as a Black Friday deal) I don’t really get much use out of all the perks and mainly use it for the free stock trades. My Travel Insurance looks as if it will be as useful as the proverbial chocolate teapot!!!

In April 2022 I received an e-mail from Revolut advising that insurance was now provided by Allianz with some changes to the t&c’s and one very interesting paragraph mentioned…“We’ll now cover your pre-existing conditions as long as you did not present symptoms or seek medical treatment for the condition 12 months before booking your trip”

However, checking the insurance documents it clearly states they do not cover pre-existing conditions. Moreover when I went to Allianz own website to get a quote they have a various disclaimers stating that they have not provided cover for pre-existing conditions since May 21. Also states it is only a temporary measure…2 years…temporary​:joy::joy:. All very confusing.

Probably most Revolut account holders of my age will have pre-existing conditions so unlikely they would get any benefit from this and very disappointed I will now have to fork out for “more” insurance.

Already got lots of US dollars sitting in a dollar vault as the interest there is better than my Chase account in £’s.

Still very happy with what I do use Revolut for though.

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I have preexisting conditions and one is a new condition. Is it possible to get supplemental medical coverage for pre -existing conditions rather than buying a whole travel insurance policy as I’m happy with the basic insurance normally?

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Hello everyone :wave: ,

Unfortunately, pre-existing conditions aren’t covered under this policy. You can check the definition of pre-existing medical condition in your policy wording for better understanding. :pray:

To know about the coverage benefit, please check this FAQ link. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to our :r: community, @Nirron. :hugs:

SG | Community Team

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