What about Singapore and Malaysia?


Does anybody know whether the card is accepted in Singapore and Malaysia?


Hi there!

Both currencies are supported MYR & SGD!

Your card will automatically convert your funds to the local currency using our exchange rate.


It will be accepted there. I’ve used Revolut when I’m travelling back home!


I am currently in Singapore and Revolut has been excellent. I transferred USD to SGD during the week to save on the weekend FX surcharge, and every transaction has come out of the SGD account as expected. I am off to Malaysia next week and will report back.


Sure. As I’m a Malaysian myself and I’ve used Revolut in Malaysia since 2 years ago, there wouldn’t be any problem :wink:


Hey Dr Izz,
I’m malaysian too. Currently using revolut in the Uk. Wondering if I can use revolut when I’m back in Malaysia. When I want to do an exchange, I don’t see the option for MYR??


Hi sir. I don’t see the option to exchange to MYR? Only Singapore and Thai.


Hi @sheikhimran,

Yes, you can use Revolut when you’re back in Malaysia.
I have used my Revolut card in shopping malls, hair salons, and ATMs there.

In the meantime, you cannot convert your GBP/EUR/USD to MYR in-app.
However, you can check the conversion rate in-app!

  • Press the circle on top left corner (refer to the image I attach) > All rates > Add currency pair.


  • Press the circle on top left corner > Converter > Add currency

As far as I know, Revolut has established an office in Singapore.
It is just a matter of time for them to introduce this amazing stuff in Southeast Asia!

Let me know if you have any additional inquiry.

Kind regards,


Hi Dr_izz,

Thank you for your informative reply.


Imran Iskandar


The ATM works in Malaysia, I haven’t been able to make one contactless payment anywhere.


Yep No problems anywhere.


Only issue is you cannot top up in SGD by debit/credit card… Only by bank transfer.