Western Union incoming payments (MTC code approval)


I know WU is insanely expensive. But is it also extremely useful in emergency cases.

My bank accepts WU incoming payments (instantly, just enter the MTC code and amount, country) and in some cases saved me.

For example, now I’m waiting one SEPA transfer and one withdrawal from Paypal in visa :r:

But I’m not sure if it will arrive in time… I’m flying in few hours to Tokyo as I have someone I care hospitalized (last moment flight :frowning: ).
So I’ve spent for the flight and other things a lot.

Well, in my country banks are closed today due to whatever saint National Day.

So the last hero in this emergency case is WU which is instant no matter of day/ night, is international, etc.

Another good thing will be rev.me.
Unfortunately this will be only for EEA cards which for me is useless as most emergency payments I’ve got from friends in Middle East… not from europe.

Today I was trying to get ¥50k through rev.me but isn’t working anymore even if the support tried to activate it for me to try to get that payment (he said tho can be unstable). And isn’t working with Japanese cards.

So lots of things limited for EEA.
Another thing is, how do I receive bank payments from non EEA countries (like Japan), where in most cases they never heard about IBAN or even worst, Japanese banking system is the most Middle Ages one and is extremely difficult to do normal tasks…

Moments when an alternative, even if is expensive for the sender (I guess in most cases, even a SWIFT transfer from JP-UK would be the same price) makes the difference…

I’ve used WU even to send money myself when I had them in cash but I was traveling and needed them on my card.

Any chance? At least “soon”?