Western Union, can't send using Revolut

I am trying to send money to myself in Argentina using Western Union, which has a good exchange rate (double from what you get at the ATM). But it doesn’t work.

First a card authorization transaction does go through and is visible on the Revolut app.

Then WU throws an error saying “make sure your card supports 3D authorization, contact your bank”. And the transaction doesn’t go through. Any ideas?

I havent had a problem with using my revolut to send money on WU, granted that i did it via the app (because the fees were lower and the exchange rate was better)

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Happened to me with VISA (different situation).

Try use Mastercard instead :wink:

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What do you mean by “using the app”?

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Tried both of my virtual cards, one is Visa, other Mastercard.


@Croato , Thank you for sharing your concern with us. :hugs:

So sorry to hear about your trouble. :frowning_face: May I know if you are able to send money or still facing the same problem? :thinking:

@FearlessTraveller1 @Remi-1 Thanks for the help. :star:

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I got a similar error. Untill a couplenof weeks ago I could use the single use virtual card with western union but yesterday it was refused by wu and I got a message on the revolut app “Your disposable virtual card cannot be used for recurring payments” The problem is that it wasn’t at all a recurring payment…any ideas?


The merchant, Western Union, probably classifies this as a recurring payment. This way, they can allow you to use the same card in the future with less authentication. Revolut maybe identifies correctly the codes Western Union is using here.


I asked their support and they said something along the lines of “the person, the card, and the country payment is being made from must be the same”. From that I concluded that the problem was maybe that I was not using VPN, so my IP was from Argentina and maybe their system refused to process because of that. By the time I figured that out I didn’t need any more cash so I did not try again with a VPN.


Hi. I am in the same situation I believe.
I am trying to use my Revolution card to send EUR to Argentina, but its not working. Did you get any news?

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Hello everyone :wave: ,

Sorry to hear about your problem. :frowning_face: Can you please contact us by in-app chat so that we can help you further? :hammer_and_wrench:

Welcome to our :r: community @Michael84 @juliap.

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Wasn’t Visa/MasterCard using the exchange rate of the cash (double than before) in Argentina since 2023?

Probably Western Union still have a better rate.

I was there only for a few hours in February 2023 but didn’t used my card because I hadn’t got my Revolut yet :disappointed_relieved: and used cash (Dollar/Real) in a few places.

I don’t recommend using cash in Argentina because if you pay on dollar/euro/real they will (mostly) give you change on their own currency and usually is hard to exchange back lower values, probably it have bigger value was a memory of the travel than as cash itself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I used my Brazilian Card (5% spread + 6,38% taxes on foreign transactions)-; only on a Burger King in Uruguay (was nice seeing the surprised face of the cashier when I paid using Apple Pay), was basically the same price of a equivalent lunch in brazil and even had a discount of taxes by using a foreign card.

If Brazil had a similar thing would be so nice.

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