We're sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.

I get this message when I try to view my statement. Hope it’s tomporary

I get this message when I try to download an statement. I think it happens since the last update. Is any fix available for this? Any workaround?

Hi, I am getting the same message trying to open a money sent as a gift from Spain to Australia. How can I get the money my friend sent to me?

by the way he has send it twice to try, first time 2euros, second 6 euros… Any help?

I am getting this message when I try to split a bill from a linked account

I’m getting this when I try to request money by making a link.
Haven’t tried anything else.

i have this problem. any news?

Android App -

Send Money --> Bank Accounts --> Add Recipient

Tried to add an international recipient - “we’re sorry, something has gone wrong. please try later”

Tried to add an in-country recipient - “we’re sorry, something has gone wrong. please try later”

Checked back again and the in-country recipient was present in the list of Bank Accounts, so tried to send money to that account - “we’re sorry, something has gone wrong. please try later”

Is this a bug/ Am I doing something wrong? Why is my money stuck in my Revolut account?

Hi, my problem started like this:

  1. I topped up 4800 RON using my debit card, this is visible under RON transactions.
  2. Then I exchanged aproximately 4860 RON to 1000 EUR, this information is missing from the transactions but it can be seen in FX transaction limits where the limit was refreshed on 19 December.
  3. Then I tried to transfer the 1000 EUR to a personal account (which I used before) and the following error message was displayed: “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong”.
  4. Because of this message I couldn’t go on to confirm the transfer. As a result the amount of 1000 EUR is missing from the EUR account.
  5. I redid the steps from number 2 with the amount of 2 EUR as a test and it worked the second time.

Has anyone encountered something similar?

I am having the same issue. I’ve been using the app for over a year and I’ve never been able to receive any money with SMS. When someone send me money and I receive SMS there is a link. Every time I click on it I get this damn message and nothing happens. That’s why I keep very little money in revolut… If they can’t fix something so fundamental to the app as sending/receiving money, I can’t tryst them with mine.

It’s getting even worse. Before I was at least able to request the money when I was not able to accept it. Now I am not even able to request money. You guys need a competent DEV and QA team!

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I faced similar issue now.
I cannot change some security items like ATM withdrawals. I tapped it to enable but not effective.

I could do it on the Web. I contacted Support but not solved. I will wait app release fix.