We're sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.


I’m getting the same when trying to make a transfer.


I just installed the app recently, i am getting this message every time, whats going on?


Old thread but same problem. Iv been trying to top up and send money for two days and kept getting this message “we’re sorry something has gone wrong please try later” then today it asked for my phone number and sent the sms code which i entered and now the app displays my balance but hangs trying to display my transaction history? I’d appreciate some help here?


Having exactly the same problem. Can’t get past the phone number stage and “Sorry, something has gone wrong…”. This also means that I can’t access the in-app support and there isn’t a customer services phone number (the one on the website is just for blocking your card) so I’m stuck.


Generally this problem was usually resolvable at my side (for Android at least) by exiting the app, removing it from the cache (like opening the “recent apps” list and remove from there, it should stop it, but equvalent is going to the Apps menu, go to Revolut then Force Stop it), then starting again.

Mind you, therefore it’s an app bug, since it is “resolvable” by killing/restarting.

(But I acknowledge that the error message is a catch-all, so there can be problems with the same message caused by absolutely different errors and not resolvable by restarting. That’s the general problem with catch-all or overgeneralised error messages.)


This is happening to me too! I was in spain last week so i found it really annoying!


Same problem over here : I tried at least a dozen times to add a new benefiter in order to make a money transfer, but after getting the unique code by sms, I receive this catch-all error message, and in fact, which means nothing except it doesn’t work !
Can we get help asap, I need to pay my month’s rent to my landlord in the next days …

Best regards, Joaquim



I set up my Revolut account few weeks ago ("rd of august), added money to the account (4th transactions), then link my physical card last week (something like that). I paid 6 times with the card from the 22th of September to the 26th of September (the first payment was from France the other one in the US). Now it asking to check my ID (which I already did before my very first transaction from my bank to Revolut. I cliked to add my photo on the profil (I add to guess I needed to go there…). Took a selfie, And I got “Sorry an error occured, Try later”. and If I click okay, it trys again and fail again (I tried a douzen times already).
Plus I navigate into the app and I am seeing I have to activate a second time my card, but I cannot because of the ID check…

I would like to follow the instructions, but I cannot.

If my card stop working I will be in a huge messy situation (I am French, in the US for work and I have taxis and hotel to pay for…)

FYI : I tried the chat already and the bot says user support is too busy to help me.

Please help me :’(.


I have the same problem. I even tried to reinstall the app. Now I cannot even login. I get this error when entering phone number.



My card was working fine until an hour ago. Then I would suddenly start receiving the “We’re sorry” message every time I tried to do anything on the app. Force-closing the app and re-opening it would not solve the issue. Nor would uninstalling and reinstalling it. I’m traveling in Japan and have very little cash with me, so if this issue isn’t fixed soon, my whole trip will be seriously disrupted. I find it frustrating that the chat option is restricted to users who are already logged in, since obviously this prevents folks experiencing login problems from receiving the help they need. I don’t know what else to do.


Same issue here: I tried to top up my account and received this message. Updated, reinstalled, restarted the phone, nothing worked. So I logged out and now I receive this same message at the login screen with the phone number. Has anyone found a solution to this?


I have the same problem for 2 month I cantcant access at my account anymore. So i dont use anymore revolut.
I would like find solution but no people reply me.
Facebook, twitter here no one have a solution


I’m having exactly the same problem. I’m currently traveling, and not being able to reach Revolut makes me financially stranded. I’m a Premium user, yet I canont access the app.

My e-mail: dawid.kujawiak@gmail.com

Name: Dawid Kujawiak

If any of the staffers see this message, please contact me, as I can’t withdraw any money while travelling.


It happens to me when I try to order a card, either virtual pr physical. I installed the app 4 days ago and still cannot get a card, therefore, I cannot properly use my account for online payments. Not sure what is wrong there…