Well, this isn't off to a good start...

Hi there,

I have just loaded the Revolut app on my iPhone and gone through the process of opening an account, depositing £10 (I’m in the UK) etc.

When I went to order a card, it went through its screens as expected, until it came to how I wanted my card delivered. Since I don’t need the facilities of Premium, I selected £4.99 standard. It then came up with a dialogue box, the only two choices on which were “Look at the benefits of Premium” (or words to that effect) or “Cancel”. Cancel takes me back to the previous screen.

Has anyone else encountered this frustrating loop?

I went to the online help desk, got past the bot and was warned that it was unlikely I’d get a human response for at least an hour.

Not a stellar first impression, it has to be said…


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It is a known bug of the latest release. But support can help.

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Thanks for the prompt response Frank :+1:

I’ll just wait for a human to come on line then…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes. It’s best to provide them all details necessary right away. So that someone from support can solve the problem for you without getting back. That speeds things up and you don’t have to wait for responses all the time. :crossed_fingers:

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Happy to report that it has now been sorted.

For anyone experiencing a similar problem, the action I had to take was to log out and back in again - this broke the loop. I had previously closed the app down and reloaded and this did not have the same effect. I don’t know whether the Customer Service chap took any action at his end to facilitate this solution.


Mike :+1: