Well done, Revolut silently removes replies

It is interesting that Revolut appears to remove postings without even any notification.

The posting at https://community.revolut.com/t/metal-cards/27242/640 is gone

Still visible as posting 640 at https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:pBo0A-l6qD8J:https://community.revolut.com/t/metal-cards/ and http://archive.is/ABbUf#70%

In fairness i flagged some posts as off topic and/or inappropiate. I don’t have the powers to delete them. but that might be why they are hidden.

Then you would have needed to flag a lot more and not my response (apart from it not being inappropriate). Furthermore there is a notification sent out, which I did not receive either.

I’d appreciate if my response was restored, or alternatively, the entire thread cleaned up.

If I could I would. Still thinking the best thing is to close it altogether with the replies being off topic now.

Whatever the eventual decision about that thread is, my point is my response got singled out and was silently removed and I cant say I appreciate that.

Hi there.

Really sorry to hear that Alessandro. However, your responses have been flagged by many, therefore they have been removed.

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Thanks Andreas, fair enough (not that flagging that would make any sense, you can check the response under aforementioned links). I will draw my conclusions based on that. Cheers.