:r: Welcome to Revolut Community Page! :r:

Hello! …So what’s this community page about? :r:

Revolut is the Global Money App enabling users to spend and send money globally with the best available exchange rates. We launched in July 2015 to emphasise transparency and fairness in finance, combined with a great user experience. Our App has now helped 300k Revolutionaries transact almost $1bn.

Revolut is aimed at the global citizen; our end goal is to become the only account you need to manage and move money globally in multi-currencies. To achieve this, we need your help! :grin:

Along our journey, we’ve learnt that customer feedback is essential to building a truly revolutionary product, and just how great our community is at helping each other out. Every decision we make as a company is to improve our product and user experience, which in turn helps it to grow itself.

Therefore, we’ve created this page for you to chat about any questions, feedback or ideas you have about Revolut. We want to know: what features you need; the currencies you’re desperate for; your vision of a Revolut premium/business account and any issues you’ve encountered!

Please note, whilst the Revolut Team will have an active role within the forum, this isn’t a place for customer support. For problems relating specifically to your account please contact us via our in-app support chat.

If you have a general query you might be better off checking out our FAQs.


yes this is all very good but emergencies like I find myself in stuck with no money as I cant use my card, a direct email and contact phones would be more appropriate.

without the use of my card at ATMs what would you suggest I do. Thank you David


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