Weird card problems in Israel - sometimes works, sometimes does not

Hi, I live currently in Israel and I have a VISA Revolut Card. The weird thing is, that it sometimes is accepted in a shop and next time it is not accepted in the same shop! What could be the reason for this mystery?

I checked the security settings of the card and magnetic stripe should be activated (it is on, blue). And if it wouldn´t be active, it could not work in any case, right? So does the fault lie somewhere in the settings of the card or is it just a defective card?

Thanks for answering,

I forgot to add that they use magnetic stripe swipes in Israel for the card payments.

Hi. I have the same problem. Did you solve it? Regards

No, unfortunatelly not, I solved it by taking the money out of cash machine. Until some limit it is for free and then the commision is not so high. Martin.