Weekend markup

Hi there.

I am from the UK and am planning to go to the US so I have a GBP account and a USD account. So if I have $100 in my USD account and I’m in the US on the weekend and spend $50 then no markup applies as it will simply come out of my USD account, and only if I exchange GBP to USD on the weekend will I get a weekend surcharge - is this correct?

Also, if it’s Friday 10pm where I am in the US, meaning it’s Saturday (the weekend) in the UK, will the surcharge apply or not?



USD spending will exhaust the remaining balance in the USD currency account until there isn’t any, in which case your base currency (GBP/EUR/…) will be used to convert at the spot interbank rate (+ weekend surcharge if it is the weekend).

Good question.

I assume it’ll be using UTC (GMT+0, London time) for weekend calculations.


Yup. Friday (Saturday?) 00:00 to Sunday 23:59 GMT+0



What outside fx market hours mean? Weekend?


Check FAQs. :wink: It says

Friday 23:59 - Sunday 23:59