Weekend Mark ups


During the weekend, when the currency markets are closed, Revolut applies a small markup ranging from 0.5 to 2% on top of the interbank exchange rate. This I understand.

Does anybody have a list of all the world currencies and the Revolut weekend mark up would be for each?

(Reason to see whether it would be preferable, while abroad, to take a chance and use a commission free Mastercard Credit Card instead of Revoult at the weekend).


https://openexchangerates.org could be useful


Before we start, just to keep everyone involved aware, the fee is charged on bank holidays as well and during some other, less likely events.

I have never used Revolut card on weekends while abroad. I prefer to stick to FX fee free MasterCard. Considering how close these two rates are on some days, I have grounds to believe that Revolut’s surcharge might make it more expensive than Mastercard on weekends and bank holidays.


But that does not tell me how much Revolut adds to each currency at the weekend. 0.5 - 2.0% is a large spread. Noting that Mastercard adds 0.75% to the spot interbank 24/7.


But remember that “FX fee free MasterCard”, is not fee free. Don’t be fooled. They apply at least a 0.75% loading to the interbank spot rates as used weekdays by Revolut. (Excl THB, RUB, UAH).

If Revolut applies a 2% mark up at weekends then Mastercard is better. But if Revolut applies a 0.5% markup at weekends then don’t use Mastercard. I need a list of the countries and the Revolut weekend mark up for each.


I am well aware of it. It is just better option on weekends than Revolut, in my opinion.

On weekdays Revolut is better than anything else available at the moment.


But at the weekend Revolut varies between 0.5% and 2% markup. Therefore, at the weekend, in some countries Mastercard (0.75% markup) will be better, in others it will not be.


Enough said. We are talking major currencies here, not a rarely used ones. I will stick to MasterCard on weekends for the foreseeable future.