Weekend Mark ups

During the weekend, when the currency markets are closed, Revolut applies a small markup ranging from 0.5 to 2% on top of the interbank exchange rate. This I understand.

Does anybody have a list of all the world currencies and the Revolut weekend mark up would be for each?

(Reason to see whether it would be preferable, while abroad, to take a chance and use a commission free Mastercard Credit Card instead of Revoult at the weekend).

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https://openexchangerates.org could be useful

But that does not tell me how much Revolut adds to each currency at the weekend. 0.5 - 2.0% is a large spread. Noting that Mastercard adds 0.75% to the spot interbank 24/7.

But remember that “FX fee free MasterCard”, is not fee free. Don’t be fooled. They apply at least a 0.75% loading to the interbank spot rates as used weekdays by Revolut. (Excl THB, RUB, UAH).

If Revolut applies a 2% mark up at weekends then Mastercard is better. But if Revolut applies a 0.5% markup at weekends then don’t use Mastercard. I need a list of the countries and the Revolut weekend mark up for each.

But at the weekend Revolut varies between 0.5% and 2% markup. Therefore, at the weekend, in some countries Mastercard (0.75% markup) will be better, in others it will not be.