Weekend fx fee charged at 22.58 UK time??

I thought I was OK until midnight uk time.

Got charged overseas now at 22.58 UK time.

Please can someone confirm the cut off time?


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There’s an official FAQ article with the exact time. :wave:

Are you able to link to that please @Frank I can’t seem to find it.

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Does that apply across the board do you know, ie for transactions in the UK or EU. The reference appears specific to the US EDT.
If the OP exchanged in the UK, BST would indeed be 22:00 when the time in NY was 5pm and thus the charge should have been expected and noted in the app before acceptance in this case.
For reference:


It’s not clear from the original post if this was a card payment. There’s no prior fee notice for that, obviously.

but worth noting if the OP would provide further details in confirmation.

If the transaction had taken place in Paris CET the following table would apply:

and the charge would have been avoided perhaps (which explains why I haven’t suffered an exchange fee…)

As far as I understand, 5 PM New York time on Friday to 6 PM New York time on Sunday is the definitive time frame for all transactions on Revolut’s platform.

makes sense of course for an international based facility… has to be some commonality somewhere and where better than the number 1 biggest worldwide Trading Exchange

My guess is it’s simply based on the third party that is providing Revolut with the rates. Morningstar used to be one of the providers, but that might have changed.

Thanks. Miscalculated it by a fraction.
At least I have the metal plan so it’s offset by the cashback

So 5pm New York time.

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Weekend fee 1%
2% THB

Cashback on card payments
0.1% within Europe and 1% outside Europe

In Europe you lose 0.9%
In Thailand 1% lose

I believe CJD made this comment related to his specific transaction from 2 days ago, where he was charged 1 % fee for a non-EU transaction. Not as a general statement. :slight_smile:

@Frank Didn’t Revolut remove the weekend fees?

That’s news to me. I am not aware of any weekend fx fee changes.

Ah ok. I thought I read about some changes. Maybe I’m mixing something up.

For some reason the links from you will not work.

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seems the page has been withdrawn… and errors with 404 page not found.

Then did that happen?

Sorry for writing here but I am not able to open a new post, and it sounded related.

I live in UK and I have both a UK and a Euro account.
I made a purchase of the weekend (Saturday morning) in British pounds, but I had money just in the Euro account, so money were taken from Euro.
Yesterday scrolling the app I found that an insignificant fee, but still was there.

can you explain?
I thought that the the weekend fee was applied just for cash withdrawal.
Instead it seems that if I am spending in a difference currency compared to the country where I am the “weekend” conversion is taken in the account. Is it correct?

So if I have just pounds and I go to the US and I make a purchase over the weekend there will be a fee charged?

Thank you

It is, so no need to move this to a new topic.

To answer your question, as you had no GBP in your account but EUR, your were charged a conversion fee from EUR to GBP in much the same way as would have been the case if you had transferred EUR to GBP in the app yourself during the weekend.
If you intend to use the card for purchases in GBP in the future (and why not!) why not keep a modest amount in GBP ready to use or convert to EUR when the FX rate is at a good level according to your needs, of course.