Weekend exchange-rate surcharge clarification


May I suggest Starlingt as another alternative for UK residents, as Tandem is a credit card and as such people may not be eligible. They also do joint accounts if you’re going abroad with a partner.

They offer the MasterCard rate at the time of presentment, rightly so @neil mentioned this can result in a less transparent rate as it isn’t actually converted until the transaction is completed, it just blocks the rough amount until then. Another thing to mention is if you’re withdrawing a lot of cash, this is especially a good idea, as there is never any fee (just a fair usage limit of £300 a day)

You’ll probably get slightly better rates with Tandem (assuming you qualify) if you factor in 0.5% you get in cashback on their main credit card.

Other alternatives could be a Metro Bank card if you’re in the UK which also offers free European currency spending and withdrawals. Currencies not used in the EEA (or Switzerland) are subject to 2.99% markup as of time of writing.


@NFH, thank you for your comments, in the light of which I have made a slight amendment to my original post - it should have said “Halifax Clarity”, which is similar in almost every way to Tandem except it doesn’t have the cashback!


Actually Halifax Clarity has two advantages, being issued by a large card issuer, that Tandem doesn’t have, namely Apple Pay and downloadable PDF & transaction data.


Statements are now available in-app in PDF format (well, certainly on iOS). No sign of Pay though :disappointed:


You’re right. My mistake. I had forgotten that they added PDF statements. But the only way to import your transaction data into other software is to request for data portability under Article 20(1) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

They have deliberately postponed Apple Pay according to this Twitter thread, unlike Revolut and Curve whose delay is more likely caused by Apple.

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