Weekend exchange-rate surcharge clarification


I agree with this point !


Take a look how they exchanged EURUSD today, Monday… 1.1538 !!! Difference from over 400 pips or 4 cents… unbelievable


No, they should delay the FX until the currency pair is liquid. But this requires a lot of design changes, in particular that an estimated amount needs to be blocked on your balance until the FX is done.

I will use my Revolut card only if I can do the FX beforehand, i.e. in one of the 24 balance currencies.


Hi,They just exchanged my money at exchange rate 1.25 eurusd… real exchange rate is 1.1980 at the moment… they did this trick second time and I would recommend dont do exchange because they will trick you… right before the exchange everything is looking good with the exchage rate,but when you click the button exchange they do it at total different rate,of course not in your side…


Hey guys, I was so excited about all the benefits of this Revolut that I was almost on the verge to open an account. But I have just checked the exchange rate EUR vs USD and it turns out it’s about 4% higher than the one applied by my bank (1,1888 (Revolut) vs 1,1948 (my bank)).
Upon quickly reading the comments in this thread, I see there are many customers who have been charged very high conversion rates pretty much in all the currencies…
Is this the real drawback of Revolut?


It’s about a 3.5% gap. More or less the same rate applied by Paypal.


It seems a very big disappointment. I will make some test over the working days of the next week to see if they are aligned with the FX currency rate.


Do you know any UK consumer association we could complain to? I would hate to do that but Revolut is clearly lying on their home page when they write “Always get the real exchange rate”, and we have to do something about it! What do you think?


I am quite sure there is something wrong out there (either they are lying or experiencing “techincal” issue) because I see a long thread of complaints. Although I still reserve my right to test better the currency conversion as I do not have enough evidence so far. Let’s stay in touch.


Hello John, as I mentioned last week, I am now monitoring some currency rates on revolut and I have to say they now seem pretty fair.
For example today the exchange rate EUR vs USD is quoted around 1,178 which is basically the same of the trading platform of my bank (in which there are no commission but the market spread between bid and demand).
I will keep on monitoring on the next few days.


Update: not really the same thing for EUR vs CHF. In this case the difference with my bank is about 0,0030 (1,1405 vs 1,1434) which is about 2,6% more. In other words, if I transferred 1.000 eur to my swiss account I would lose about 26 Eur.

Update 2: did the same test for EUR vs GBP. The exchange rate of Revolut gets a spread of 1,95%.


Thanks for sharing that information.
My point was only regarding to the weekend surcharge. They take between 0.5% and 3% and they don’t say it clearly.


Hi everybody,

I use my revolut to pay in COPs in Colombia.
Every weekend is the same: on saturday, a 2% si charged and on sunday a 1% is charged (what it should be, as it is not a major currency)
¿Two different rates for the same weekend?
¿2% charged when it should be a 1%?
I have contacted support, but still waiting for an answer.

I feel cheated!!!

Can any staff from Revolut give an answer to this???



Another saturday and the same problem again in EUR-COP. Close rate is 3.425

and what revolut offers is 3340

more than a 2% applied
I’ve contacted support and they say they are looking into it. Not using revolut anymore on weekends… i feel cheated, they say 1% and it’s always more!!
Clarification about this asap please!!


While I don’t say the Revolut fx rate is good or bad, the numbers above are obviously a mistake:
1.1405 vs 1.1434 is a 0.26% “surcharge”. In other words we’re looking at 2.6 EUR.
Most likely the other experiment failed in the same way.


1.1888 vs 1.1948 is worse by 0.5% not 4%. Still quite high but I guess within reason given it might be at weekend when they specifically say they are not competitive (by 0.5% on this specific pair as stated above in their explanation)


You are right. I did an unforgivable mistake (X10) with my calculation.
Wondering how the f… have been so superficial.


Market maker gets the spread, and not Revolut. Revolut should be passing you the wholesale bid rate.


I realise that this is an old thread, but I cannot believe the ridiculous comments I have been reading.

I use Revolut all the time for my UK to EU transactions and always get the same or better rate than the XE mid-market rate, but I never convert “on the fly”; my card always has a large amount of pre-exchanged Euros on it which have been put there by following the market and exchanging at the best rate available before I travel to Europe, thus avoiding unpredictable market fluctuations.

If I need to pay without using Revolut for any reason, I have other cards which do not charge foreign exchange fees and use the Mastercard exchange rates, such as Halifax Clarity or Tandem.

Get real, people!


@Robbo43, you make a good point that one should avoid converting on the fly, but this applies only to Revolut’s 25 balance currencies. If you spend in BRL at the weekend for example, then you have no choice but to suffer the 1% weekend surcharge, because you cannot hold a BRL balance in Revolut.

For this reason, I use Tandem at the weekend for spending in any of Revolut’s non-balance currencies. You are right to mention Tandem as an excellent alternative for UK residents.