Weekend exchange rate COP



As it is said in the FAQs, during weekends, a charge up to 1% In COP (as is not a major curency) should be added to the rate from friday at 00:00.
The past weekend, we made two transactions, saturday and sunday (but both after friday 00:00 and before sunday 23:59 in UK) and we got two different rates.

¿How is this possible? ¿Shouldn’t be the same rate for the two transactions?

Moreover, the one we made on Saturday was charged with a 2% (3379.6522 when reference price was around 1€=3457) and the one made on Sunday whith a 1%, what it should be (3423.8013, with the smae reference price, 3457)

I’ve been reading than more people had problems with COP during weekends.

¿Can someone explain how these really works and why we had two different rates and one of them with a fee of 2%? Because we feel a little bit cheated.




We’ve contacted support by chat and they are looking into it